Our product lineup -Canister-


We would like to introduce our unique item,

‘Canister’ !


Simple but unique!

It would deliver enjoyment in daily dining in various uses! 


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The canister is a small bowl with lid.

It would be fun to use since it can be used

in various purposes.

The color variations are

「朱』(vermilion)・『黄彩』(yellow)・『飴』(brown)・『青磁』(turquoise)・『織部』(green)・『瑠璃』(lapis lazuri)

What do you want to put it in ?




A little candy box♫


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It can be used in a candy box!

It has a lid, so it can be used as a storage container such as tea leaves, seasoning, and so on.

With dip sauce, yoghurt, any uses you like!

Just putting them on a table looks cute

with the colors.

The combination of the colors is also fun!




Excited to open it ! 


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Opening the canister, there are tasty side dishes!

Even a little dish, with our canister, it can  create ‘special’ feelings!

It would be fun dining when placing various dishes in colorful canisters.

The leftovers in this canister can be put it in a fridge without smell transferred to it.



Useful in special occasions! 


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Not only daily dining, it goes well with special occasions too!

Like home party, luxurious dining,

It adds colors in special scenes.

The color of m.m.d make dishes look more delicious!



Highly recommended for gift! 


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Making everyday a little bit more delightful and enriching your life,,,


Why don’t you send our canister as a present to your dearest persons

putting plenty of appreciation?


Canister   ¥1,836  (tax included)

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Canister gift box               ¥4,212

(tax included, original gift box, wrapping paper)

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