Our product lineup  -Beer mug -


We would like to  share our summer popular item ‘Beer mug’! 


Why don’t you feel cool with delicious beer and enjoy summer?


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Our summer new item ‘beer mug’ which is specifically created 

to let you enjoy good beer.


Normally, the surface of dishes is glazed,

but the inside of this mug is not glazed

and its texture is rough.


The roughness of the surface creates fine foam of beer.


We really want you to enjoy beautiful beer

at home with our beer mug!


The color variations are  

vermilion・yellow・brown・turquoise・green・lapis lazuri.



Gentle earth color in contrast to vivid  and glossy color.



Just looking at these beer mugs would make you joyful! 



Delicious beer at home!


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‘ Tips of making good beer ’ 


Before its use, it is recommended to soak the beer mug into water for 10 minutes.

With the mug containing much water, put it in the freezer.


Pouring beer into the frozen mug, you can enjoy the coolest beer!


It has water absorbency, so please dry it carefully after its use.



Red Mountain Fuji and Blue Mountain Fuji!


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Putting the beer mug upside down,

there appears a pair of Mountain Fuji! 

It looks like nice couples…



With Japanese technology and heart, 

we want foreign customers to enjoy good beer.


It is also recommended for a gift to foreign people.


Of course for a wedding gift too!




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With m.m.d beer mug, let’s make a daily life

a little bit more delightful! 


Why don’t you send a nice summer present for your dearest people? 



・A beer mug      ¥1,728 (tax included)

→Our shop page is here. 


・A gift box of beer mug   ¥3,996

(tax included, original gift box, wrapping paper)


Any inquiry about wedding gifts is here.  



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