Our product line up ‘luxury line’



Today, we would like to introduce you good items which suit well with event seasons in December! 



 Making a little bit more luxury in everyday dining♫


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m.m.d’s  ‘ luxury line ‘


Different from normal six color variations,

this have a special glaze of gold and platinum! 

The texture is a bit rough.

The reflection of light would create the plastic impression 

and it has a sense of  elegance.


There  are two variations of  ‘a serving plate ‘and  ‘a small bowl’.

Color variations are gold and platinum.


Our luxury line gives gorgeous feelings in everyday dining!



Making precious time with your loved ones more precious! 



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Christmas and New Year…

Precious time with precious people…

It would be nicer with more special dishes! 


The items of luxury line suits best with the occasions of people gathering like a home party! 

The colors of gold and platinum would add  gorgeous and happy feelings in the dining.


With m.m.d’s dishes,

why don’t you make a special moment more special with heart warming memory? 



 Gifts with special feelings! 


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The elegance of gold and platinum, 

Warm colors and textures created

by semi-porcelain…


It is highly recommended for gifts and wedding gifts! 



How about adding colors to your dining with m.m.d’s luxury line?


‘Feel a bit of extraordinary’




・A serving plate      ¥2,160 (tax included)

→Our shop page is here.


・A gift box of serving plates   ¥4,752

(tax included, original gift box, wrapping paper)

 →Our shop page is here.


・A small bowl     ¥1,944 (tax included)


・A gift box of small bowls   ¥4,428

(tax included, original gift box, wrapping paper)

→Our shop page is here.


Any inquiry about wedding gifts is here.  




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