The concept of our shop ‘make my day’


Our shop ‘make my day’ has opened in December 6th in 2013

in the west of Television Tower in Nagoya, Japan.

We are a selected shop selling mainly pottery.


The concepts of our original brand ‘m.m.d’ are

” feel a bit of extraordinary ”

” cherish the connection ”

We would like you to feel a bit of extraordinary in ordinary life with our pottery and color.

We would like you to feel the connection to the memory when you first meet our pottery.

Thanks to dear customers,

we have a lot of orders of wedding gift.


‘ The special day of wedding’ and ‘everyday ‘

‘ The happy memory with precious people ‘

We would like to connect together with our pottery.


We will keep making products which let you feel ‘a bit of extraordinary’ and ‘connection’.

We  always welcome your visit!!

make my day スタッフ