The color of ‘make my day’


We would like to share our passion

about colors.

The most standard type of our brand ‘m.m.d’ is ‘true colors line’, which  has six color variations.


朱(vermilion), 黄彩(yellow), 飴(brown),    


瑠璃(lapis lazuli)


Which color would you be attracted to the most?


‘Vermillion’ is  vivid red.

In Japan, red has a meaning of good luck. 

It also looks like a color of sunset.


‘Yellow’ is is warm and soft color which suits with everything.


‘Brown’ is a color like the earth, which gives the feeling of grounding,


’Turquoise’ is light blue like the sky or the ocean which is also color of  ‘something blue’ in a wedding.


‘Green’ is deep green.

Like matcha, tasteful color.


‘Lapis lazuri’ is deep blue like deep sea.

It is also the color which enhances the color of food.



Every color has originality. 

Every color is in harmony with nature. 



Also, m.m.d’s tableware is the semi-porcelain which has features of both porcelain and pottery. 

The base color is soft beige.

Not a porcelain, not a pottery, the color original in the semi-porcelain. 

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Our tablewares are created manually

by craftsmen one by one,

Depending on how the glaze is covered, 

there is a little difference in each color. 

You can enjoy the taste and originality.



 The gift box of two sets of plates,

the most popular type as a wedding gift,

you can choose the favorite combination.


The combination of two colors which match with each other might seem like

a harmonious couple. 



Our m.m.d ‘true colors line’ gives a lively accent in everyday dining.



‘A little bit of extraordinary’ in  an ordinary life



Why don’ t you make an accent in a daily life with m.m.d’s tablewares?  




There are also other variations such as

our new items, ‘muted colors line’

with mat color, 

’monochrome line’ with black and white,

‘luxury line’ with gold and  platinum color.



How about giving a present to precious people with our color which is full of originality? 


Please come and visit our shop,

and find your favorite color!  


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