The hospitality of ‘make my day’


We would like to share our passion for ‘hospitality’ to customers! 


Giving  excitement and comfortable time to customers!


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Through our ‘m.m.d’ tablewares, 

we want to let customers feel excitement and comfortable time.


At our shop, it is a select shop of table wares and handmade accessories on the first floor.


Climbing up the spiral staircase, there are full of our ‘m.m.d’ tablewares on the second floor.


The space which is full of mixture of things

and brands,

The space where there is uniformity of ‘m.m.d’ brand.


There has a different  mood.


Treasuring ‘excitement’ when first seeing

the space and tablewares.


To customers who visit our shop, we want to share relaxed time 

which lets them choose the most favorite one comfortably.



‘Hospitality’ which connects precious memories 


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We put our passion into wedding gifts and normal gifts as well.


Not only tablewares but also wrapping is an important part.


The original box and original wrapping paper with vivid red string and  silver seal,


Message cards of ‘thank you’ ‘a small taken of appreciation’,

Concept cards of ‘connection’, ’suehirogari’ ’Seto-yaki’



Every single process by manual, 

putting thought on each gift.



make my dayさん(@makemyday_nagoya)がシェアした投稿


We want to let you feel the ‘memory’

and ‘excitement’ when you first meet our gift.


Throughout our tablewares, space, hospitality,

we would like to share our philosophy.


We will continue to offer the products and services which let you feel ‘excitement’ ! 


Any inquiry about wedding gifts is here.   


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