make my day and Seto yaki


What we value is ‘connection’.

Connection between our shop and customers.  Connection between customers and guests.

Connection to the memory of  the day when first touching our dishes. 


Another one is the connection between us and ‘producing district’.



We want to grow together with producing district.


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The dishes of our original brand ‘m.m.d ’ are all

‘ Setoyaki ’ made in Seto city, Aichi.


’Seto yaki’  the ceramic wares made in Seto city which continues from 9th Century is registered as ‘ Six Old Kilns of Japan’ 

as Japan Heritage.


Seto city has been developed by  Seto yaki.


Nowadays, people might image  traditional ceramic wares as old.  


However, for our m.m.d brand, we want to  infuse new values with traditional Seto yaki.


 Cooperating with pottery producers which have master craftsmanship, we want to create new individualities and innovations onto traditions.


Not only our brand ‘m.m.d’ , we want to develop the industry of Seto. 


That is our passion for  ‘PDC brand’  ‘Producing District Collaboration’ ! 



Master craftsmanship , ‘ KAKEWAKE ’ ! 


make my dayさん(@makemyday_nagoya)がシェアした投稿



make my dayさん(@makemyday_nagoya)がシェアした投稿


The most distinct feature of ‘m.m.d ’ is ’KAKEWAKE’,  the  technique of putting two different glazes.


 The glaze is the technique which has developed in Seto city.


They are baked in the kiln over 1,200℃ and the high heat would created vivid color of dishes.


A craftsman glazes potteries manually one by one with  his whole heart.


The same item does not exist,

there are irregularities and variations in colors.

That becomes taste and individuality in each item. 



Putting new values onto the Seto yaki  in which history and tradition are alive.



Craftman’s careful works would delivere 

‘ a bit of extraordinary ’ to your dining.


The dishes which are filled with craftsmanship and passion would add color to your everyday dining.

That is always our wish…



There is the value which we want to  pass down  the next generation.


“ cherish the connection “


Wishing make my day’s thought would reach the world someday.


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