Colorful days with m.m.d


It’s getting colder and colder in Japan,

since winter is coming very soon!


In the coldest time,

it’s good to take lots of colors in your room, adding bright feelings.



With m.m.d’s tablewares,

why don’ t you make everyday dining more colorful?



Connected colors and forms 


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   Hexagon-shaped serving plates connected together.


Vermillion, yellow, turquoise,  green, brown,

lapis lazri.  


This colorful colors add an accent to everyday dining.




Which color would you want to try?      



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The rice bowl that would be used everyday.


It would be nicer with the most favorite one!


Let’s find the one which suites best in

your hand and your heart!




The color of tablewares  

and the color of food 


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 The color of tableware and the color of food.


It would be fun to find the best combination

which sets off the colors each other! 


Not only by tongue, let’s enjoy dining time  by eyes!    



” Which dish would you like? “


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” With which dish,

what kind of food would you like? “


Everyday meals, cooking and dining.


Such a little thing in a daily life can be enjoyable with our m.m.d’s items!


With various colors and forms,

let’s make dining more delightful!




make my dayさん(@makemyday_nagoya)がシェアした投稿



Tablewares are a part of  everyday lifestyle.


If tablewares are rich in colors,  

your daily life would be more colorful too!


With m.m.d, let’s add color in a daily life! 




Any inquiry about wedding gifts is here.  

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