Sending your original gift with m.m.d


Putting your originality into a gift box!  

  The characteristics of m.m.d’s gift is that

you can enjoy your favorite combination of any dishes freely.


It is because we want you to enjoy making  your original gift without any limitation!  


Not only colors or forms, but also you can choose the combination of different types of dishes.          



  Evening drink set with our beer cup and little plate!  



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A hexagon bowl and little plates♫ 


make my dayさん(@makemyday_nagoya)がシェアした投稿


A set of serving plates and little plates creates good balance!


make my dayさん(@makemyday_nagoya)がシェアした投稿


Thinking outside the box,

combinations of different types, forms and colors.


Here’s your only one gift !




961 combinations only in the category of serving plates!     


make my dayさん(@makemyday_nagoya)がシェアした投稿



make my dayさん(@makemyday_nagoya)がシェアした投稿 

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For example, our No.1 popular gift box of 2 serving plates has 961 combinations!


‘ True colors line ’ which is glossy and looked different by how to glaze,

Muted colors line’ and ‘Monochrome line’  which have matte taste,

Luxury line’ of Gold and  Platinum.


Even in the category of serving plates,

the combination is infinite!


From various colors, forms, textures,  patterns,

you would find your most favorite combination!




Expressing your originality and feelings by arrangements ! 


What message would you convey to dearest people?


With m.m.d, it is possible to express your message by how to arrange dishes,

especially for wedding gifts.


“ Sue-hirogari ” the shape of 八, symbolizing prosperity and happiness,


“ Always together side by side”


“Making up for what is lacking each other”


“Dying me in your color”



Without many words,

opening the box, your feelings would be  conveyed…




Our m.m.d’s gift full of originality!


Imagining dearest one surprised and happy,

which color, form, and how would you convey your feelings?



Wedding gifts, baby gifts, birthday presents,


The special occasions which connect to dearest people by hearts,


Why don’ t you send your originality and sense?




Any inquiry about wedding gifts is here.  


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