Dining with ‘m.m.d’


 Our wish is to make everyone’s life happier

with our ‘m.m.d’ tablewares.


Making everyday dining colorful! 


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 Delicious food and heart-warming time

with loved ones.

Colorful tablewares and enjoyable conversation.

It is a little thing but very precious moment.  



With your favorite mug cup,

favorite morning


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  With the favorite mug cup,

drinking favorite drinks.

With a little good idea, 

every morning would be more delightful.    



 After hard work…


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 After a tiring day, ‘m.m.d’s colorful tablewares would welcome you!

Even little sidedish would look nice

like an restaurant.

With good food and drink,

the time for treating yourself !  



‘m.m.d’ s tablewares which color your life.


 Which colors would you color your dining with?

What kind of lifestyle would you wanna have?


We would like to deliver

a bit of extraordinary’ in your everyday life.


Our ‘m.m.d’s tablewares would make everyday life a little bit special!


 Any inquiry about wedding gifts is here.  


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